The 2020 Festival is being rescheduled for later in the year.

On a Saturday to be determined, at the Jewish Community Center

Temple Beth El
3055 Porter Gulch Road, Aptos, CA

Suggested donation $25 per person, $45 per couple, includes all movies and reception. No one turned away for lack of funds!

5:30 pm – Opening Night Reception. Nosh & schmooze with fellow film lovers at the Jewish Community Center. We’ve got a fantastic spread of finger food, fruit, dessert, wine and soft drinks for you to enjoy. Indulge your taste buds and enjoy the mellow jazz, rock, and pop music of Persephony at this opening night fundraiser! Raffle ticket purchases help cover costs of the 2020 fesitval, and the more tickets you buy, the greater your chances of winning prize baskets of your choice!

6:50 pm –  Fast & Glitzy Raffle. We will raffle off five fabulous prize baskets focused Judaica, children, fashion, health, and gourmet foods.

7:10 pm  THE CHOP   –  A talented young Kosher butcher gets fired from his job, but there’s an opening in a Halal butcher shop. What could possibly go wrong?

7:30 pm ACROSS THE LINE   –  Another short comedic film to be announced soon.

8:00 pm AULCIE   –  This emotional and uplifting documentary tells the story of basketball star Aulcie Perry, who captured the spirit of a nation and led his Maccabee Tel Aviv team to major victories against all odds. His romance with Israeli super model Tami Ben Ami created an Israeli power couple. But his downward spiral and soulful story of personal redemption make this film unforgettably moving.

On a Sunday some weeks from now, at the Watsonville Cabrillo College Forum

318 Union St., Watsonville

No admission charged.  Donations gratefully accepted.  

2:15 pm  – JAI –  An emotionally moving story about a child and her grandparents. Spanish, with English subtitles.

2:30 pm – YOUR WISHES IN HEAVEN / TU BOCA EN LOS CIELOS – Spain, 2019, Documentary, 56 minutes, Spanish, with English subtitles. Q & A with crew member Ana-Isabel Munoz after the screening.

With enchanting cinematography and original soundtrack, this film rediscovers the history and culture of the North African Sephardic community whose ancestors were expelled from Spain in 1492. Rachel Muyal, a descendant of the original Sephardic settlers in Tangiers writes to Ferdinand and Isabella, the king and queen of Spain, to let them know their former subjects bear no grudges and are happy in their new lives in North Africa.

Some evening in the not too distant future, maybe at UCSC Hillel

222 Cardiff Place, Santa Cruz

No admission charged.  Donations gratefully accepted.  

7:00 pm  – SUSTAINABLE NATION,   documentary 2019, Israel, 60 minutes

Three Israeli entrepreneurs bring sustainable clean water technologies to needy communities in India, Africa, and the central valley of California in this inspiring documentary focusing on environmental solutions to global problems.

One Lovely Monday at the Del Mar Theater

Del Mar Theater
1124 Pacific Ave. Santa Cruz, Ca

No admission charge. Donations gratefully accepted.  Come early to assure seating.

6:30 pm – BOX FOR LIFE  –  Israel, 2020, documentary 60 minutes. English, Hungarian, and Hebrew with subtitles.

 Noah Klieger’s life has been so incredible he’s been called the Forrest Gump of Israel. He joined the boxing team of Auschwitz and survived to become the last living member of that team. After liberation from the camps, he nearly drowned jumping ship when the British impounded the immigrant ship Exodus off the coast of Israel in 1947. He fought in Israel’s war of independence and then started a career in journalism, covering the Eichmann and “Ivan the Terrible” trials on his way to becaming the oldest active journalist in the world. Don’t miss this amazing and inspirational documentary biography!

7:35 pm – THE CHOP – United Kingdom, 2012, comedy, 15 minutes.

A short comedy about a Kosher butcher who applies for a job in a Halal butcher shop in London.

7:55 pm – HATE AMONG US –  U.S. 2019,  documentary, 90 minutes.

An examination of the history and recent rise in hate crimes and anti-semitism, from producers Montel Williams and Dean Cain (who are not Jewish).  “It may start with the Jews, but it never ends with the Jews.”  A look at the rise of hate in politics and societies here and abroad.

On a Fabulous Tuesday at Aegis of Aptos

Aegis Aptos Community Room
125 Heather Terrace, Aptos, CA

Refreshments served.  No admission charge.  Donations gratefully accepted.

2:10 pm – THEY’RE WITH ME  U.S. 2011, drama, 12 minutes.
Rachel is a neurotic, lovesick, thirty year old, whose broken engagement has left her emotionally paralyzed.  But all of that is about to change when she is visited by her dead relatives, who show up to help her move forward with her life

2:30 pm – LEAVING MEMEL  U.S. 2018, documentary, 42 minutes.
A riveting story about a family’s odyssey to survive. A special screening with filmmaker Fred Finkelstein in attendance to discuss the film and answer questions.

Wednesday we’re back at the Del Mar Theater

Del Mar Theater
1124 Pacific Ave. Santa Cruz, Ca

No admission charge.  Donations gratefully accepted.

5:30 pm –  SUSTAINABLE NATION  – Israel, 2019, Documentary, 60 minutes. English with some subtitles.

A film for inspiration and upliftment. One in ten people on this earth lacks access to safe drinking water, and multiple challenges threaten our planet’s food supply. This documentary follows three individuals working to bring sustainable water solutions to impoverished countries, sharing Israel’s smart agriculture technology. This visionary trio carries out the Jewish moral mandate of Tikkun Olam, “healing of the world”, by helping lift others from poverty, illness,environmental degradation, and lack of opportunity.

6:30 pm – A PICTURE OF HIS LIFE – Israel/USA 2020, Documentary, 75 minutes. English and Hebrew with subtitles.

This beautifully photographed, award winning film profiles Amos Nachoum, one of the greatest underwater photographers of all times. Fascinated by the most fearsome creatures on Earth, Amos developed a unique approach that puts him face-to-face with his dangerous subjects, without any protection. At age 65, after photographing anacondas, great white sharks, orcas, and crocodiles, he sets out on his ultimate challenge: photographing polar bears underwater, while swimmingunprotected, in the open sea.

7:45 pm – TEL AVIV ON FIRE – Israel 2019, comedy, 97 minutes. English, Hebrew, and Arabic with subtitles.

This critically acclaimed film satirizes the cross-purposes and misunderstandings of Palestinians and Israelis. A Palestinian TV producer hires his nephew Salam, a klutzy and inexperienced young Israeli Arab, as a writer and Hebrew translator. Salam cannot resist the aid of an egocentric Israeli checkpoint commander for his Hebrew translations. The Israeli’s ideas inspire havoc on the set of the 1960’s-era TV spy drama, with the show’s backers in total disagreement over how the story ends and eager to pull the plug.

Admissions to all showings are on a first come – first seated basis.  Arrive early to ensure seating.


Thursday at The Jewish Community Center of Santa Cruz

The Jewish Community Center at Temple Beth El

3055 Porter Gulch Road, Aptos, CA

No admission charge.  Donations gratefully accepted.

7:15 pm  BLACK HAT – Narrative, U.S., 2017, 15 minutes

An Orthodox married man loses his hat while he discovers his true self.

7:30 pm  LOVE IN SUSPENDERS – Israel, Drama, 2019, 102 minutes

This geriatric romantic comedy features zany and heartwarming characters in odd and emotional situations. Erratic driver Tammy, a 64 year old widow, constantly distracted by the memory of her late husband, accidentally hits Beno, a crusty 70 year old widower. Thus begins their roller coaster ride of a love affair.

We are happy to close out our 2020 film festival with this sweet and special film.

The 2020 Santa Cruz Jewish Film Festival is a community event and everyone is welcomed.

Admissions to all showings are on a first come – first seated basis.  Arrive early to assure seating.