Santa Cruz Jewish Film Festival – Saturday, April 25 – Thursday, April 30, 2030

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No tickets are required for admission to the Santa Cruz Jewish Film Festival’s 2020 film program. 

Donations will be solicited and gratefully accepted at the door.

You are invited to our Opening Night Reception:

Saturday, April 25 at the Jewish Community Center, Temple Beth El – 3055 Porter Gulch Road, Aptos

Suggested donation:  $20 per person, $35 per couple, includes refreshments, raffle ticket, and movie.

5:30 pm Reception: Shmooze and nosh with friends and fellow film lovers.  Raffle to put other raffles to shame. Trust me, these raffle tickets you want to buy! With a little mazel a $1 ticket could win you a bushel of glitzy first-class stuff!  And who knows what celebrities might be in the house along with our good-looking Festival volunteers? Seriously, you don’t want to miss this.  And a little nosh catered by Zena and her crew will have you smacking your lips in delight.  You can get back on the diet tomorrow, nu?

7:00 pm   FILM TO BE ANNOUNCED  – We warm you up with a cute short film. Why not?

7:15 pm  FILM TO BE ANNOUNCED  What a film! You’ll be so delighted, you’ll be talking about it for days!

Sunday, April 26 at Watsonville Cabrillo College Forum, l Watsonville                   No charge, donations appreciated.

1:30 pm FILM TO BE ANNOUNCED   – An award-winning film like you have never seen before.

3:30 pm FILM TO BE ANNOUNCED   – Laugh, cry, search your soul and find the immortal within your own heart. Afterwards you’ll head straight to the deli to celebrate newfound humanity, compassion, and wisdom and enjoy a little nosh.

Monday, April 27     Del Mar Theater    1124 Pacific Ave.  Santa Cruz   We hope!       No charge, donations appreciated.

6:15 pm FILM TO BE ANNOUNCED  – A film like this you can’t find on shmata TV!  And free!  So give a few dollars, it’s worth ten times that!

8:00 pm  FILM TO BE ANNOUNCED –  Right when you thought it couldn’t get any better, boom!  Right to the stratosphere. Surprised? Don’t be. Have we got a program for you!

Tuesday, April 28    Maybe at the Scotts Valley Library? or at Aegis Aptos Community Room, 125 Heather Terrace, Aptos         No charge, donations appreciated.  Refreshments served.

2:00 pm  FILM TO BE ANNOUNCED   Here you’ll see a thrilling story of life and death, stealth and deception. And then we break your heart. Such is life.

Wednesday, April 29     Del Mar Theater  1124 Pacific Ave.  Santa Cruz     We hope!  No charge, donations appreciated.

6:00 pm  FILM TO BE ANNOUNCED   In a world of hatred and violence, it doesn’t mean we have to be either victims or perpetrators. We can resist and rise above it and demonstrate Jewish values of tikkun olam, healing the world.  Nu?

6:30 pm   FILM TO BE ANNOUNCED   This one’s a doozy. We close out the Del Mar with our favorite films.

7:45 pm   FILM TO BE ANNOUNCED  Animation,drama, comedy! It’s a good thing the Sock Shop is down the street because this will knock your socks off.

Thursday, April 30    Scotts Valley Library maybe? (251 Kings Village Road),   No charge, donations appreciated.

2:00 pm    FILM TO BE ANNOUNCED    We close out our 2020 festival with a dynamic film that will leave you wanting more! Sorry, that’s all for now. See you next year!

The 2020 Santa Cruz Jewish Film Festival invites you to mark your calendar for an extraordinary week of Jewish films and community events, April 25 through April 30, 2020. And please donate here to make our festival possible! The films and venues cost money and we need and appreciate your support!