2017 Santa Cruz Jewish Film Festival.   Trailers?  We’ve got trailers.

El Hara

Short documentary film exploring a neighborhood that no longer exists – the Jewish ‘hara’ of Tunis.


Once in a Lifetime

Snotty French high school kids compete in a contest which changes their attitude dramatically. Award winning film based on a true story.


On the Map

The 1977 Israeli national basketball team fought its way to the 1977 European Championship in a quest for a “miracle on hardwood” that captured the heart of a nation and surprised the world.


Is That You?

A quirky, romantic road trip by filmmaker Dani Menkin (Dolphin Boy). Nominated for best film at the 2014 Israeli Academy Awards.


Fanny's Journey

13-year-old Fanny and ten other children are sent from France to an Italian orphanage for Jews in 1943 but end up on the run from the Nazis. Based on a true story.


2017 Movie Trailers


Past Festivals:

2016 Festival Program


The founder of Sears built over 5,000 schools for black children during the Jim Crow era.

Flory’s Flame

A profile of esteemed Sephardic musician and composer Flory Jagoda,

Vice Versa

A Yeshiva student is enlisted to bring a young woman with terminal cancer back into the fold, with unexpected results.


A garish Russian woman and her 14-year old daughter emigrate to Canada, but the girl has a scandalous past. Rated R, no one under 18 admitted without a parent or guardian.

Run Boy Run

True story of a Polish boy who escapes the Warsaw ghetto and struggles for survival, encountering both help and betrayal.

Nicky’s Family

Unassuming English stockbroker Nicholas Winton, on vacation in Czechoslovakia in 1938, saw the morbid threat facing Jews and decided to do something about it, using any means necessary. A true story of humanity and determination.

2016 Movie Trailers